Our First House & Moving Day
March - October 2005
What a dream come true.  We loved finding, buying, moving in, and transforming our house on Oak Cluster Court.  Here are the first few pictures through the first fall season.  I love looking at the hideous decor (those drapes and mint border came down the minute we moved int the house) and it's astounding how young the landscaping and trees are.  The first couple pictures are during the inspection (thanks to Alan Huet) and the signing of the purchase agreement (Jenny represented us as our realtor -- we were so happy to see her make a little money!).  We closed on St. Patrick's Day and I spent the next couple of months painting and preparing to move it.  We moved out of 104 Equestrian Circle (Citation Club) at the end of June, with the help of our parents and Gail & Pat (and Mr. Wilson, of course, who like us, was exhausted by the end of the day).  We've loved living here and making this house our home.

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