Me and My Doggie (Connor and Mr. Wilson on the Floor)
August 2, 2007
Cute as the two discover one another.

Lunch with Grandma McCann at Comerica
August 10, 2007
We visited Grandma at work so she could show off Connor then we went for lunch.

First Trip to Caro
August 11, 2007
We ventured up to Caro to visit Grandma & Grandpa Lippowiths.  We stopped off and had lunch at a Frankenmuth diner, where Brad fed Connor a bottle.  We had a nice time visiting with dad's family, including Great Grandma Jacques.

Connor in the Red Chair
August 15, 2007
It's difficult to pose a two-month-old.  Connor's not yet sitting on his own but not a newborn anymore either.  So, the only option is  to prop him against various objects.  Still not my favorite shoot but cute enough . . .

Connor in the Bumbo
Augus 16, 2007
Love those chubby feet and chubby cheeks!  Such a beautiful boy . . .

Lunch with Grandpa McCann
August 17, 2007
Met up with Grandpa McCann for lunch at the Athenian Coney Island in Novi.  We enjoyed our afternoon before leaving for vacation later that day.

My First Vacation (Up North to Petoskey)
August 17-19, 2007
We got a little R&R up north in Petoskey for the weekend.  Hung out by the lake, downtown, and met Gary & Nancy Rabitoy at Staffords B&B for brunch.

Connor on the Front Lawn
Augus 25, 2007
Connor came outside with me to help me "garden."  Love those chubby cheeks!

Connor on the Bed and Floor
Augus 30, 2007

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