Christmas Card Photo Shoot at Mom's Loft Studio
November 9, 2007
Down to Detroit for a few images that ended up being used as this year's holiday card.  I changed the color of his hat for the card but you can see it in its original form below.

"Helping" Put Up the Christmas Tree
November 17, 2007
More "supervising" than helping, but all smiles nonetheless . . .

Connor's First Thanksgiving
November 22, 2007
Thanksgiving at Grandma McCann's with Gail, Pat, Scott & Alex.  Mashed potatoes were a big hit!

First Time in His Highchair
November 25, 2007
We put together Connor's high chair and gave it a test.  He seemed to like it for the most part.  Super cute in his Osh Kosh B'Gosh engineer overalls and hat!  It amazes me how small he looks in the chair and how quickly he grew through it.

First Big Snowfall
November 26, 2007
We bundled Connor up in his Bear Suit to experience the first big snow of the season.

Connor in His Highchair
November 27, 2007
Just a few images before lunch.  On the menu for today, green beans and banana with the 30-year-old spoon engraved with mommy's name and birthday (I love that spoon)!

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