Job Search Road Trip
April 1 - 13, 2013
We set out on a ten-day road trip as Brad had job interviews in Hartford, CT, Harrisburg, PA, and Atlanta, GA.  Our first stop was in Niagara Falls, where we stayed at Connor's favorite destination, Great Wolf Lodge.  We raced through the Toronto area to make it in time to swim the first night (we were only staying one night) to maximize the pool time for our money (if you ask me, this place is a bit of a rip off!).  As always, Connor had a GREAT time.  Off we went the next day to Niagara Falls ("the falls") and watched the water pour over a frozen lake.  You can even see how cold we were!

Next, off to Hartford, CT, where we stayed at the Marriott and enjoyed a couple of pretty cool weather days (no pictures).

From Hartford, we traveled to NYC, where we spent a day sightseeing.  We took Connor on a boat ride to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge.  We gave him a 3D Statue of Liberty puzzle a few weeks before leaving to familiarize him and he was very excited to see the "real deal" up close.  We weren't able to get off the boat because of Super Storm Sandy damage to Ellis Island and the Statue.

We ate in a Vong restaurant (Mercer Kitchen), which Connor liked (we sat under the street and you could feel / hear / see pedestrians above us through glass tiles).  Finally, after much persistence Connor hailed a cab on Wall Street at rush hour.

After NYC, we traveled to Harrisburg, PA, where Brad interviewed (no pictures).

From Harrisburg, we traveled to Charleston, SC, to visit Gail and Pat at their new house in Mt. Pleasant (just outside of Charleston).  Their house is situated on a small pond, where a TON of turtles live.  With just the show of bread in our hand, no fewer than 20 turtles swam up for treats.

We shopped downtown, ate delicious seafood at Hymans, and visited Sullivan's Island.  It was a great visit and a couple of nice "down" days together.

Finally, we headed to Atlanta, GA, where Brad interviewed and we visited Kristin and Brian and the gang (no pictures).  It was great to see everyone!

The second leg of our journey took us West.  Brad and I went to Chicago and Madison, WI without Connor.  Productive and enjoyable days as well.

In the end, Brad returned home with multiple job offers and a great new job as Managing Actuary at Old Republic Insurance in Chicago!

First Loose Tooth
April 29, 2013
Connor thinks it's very cool to have what are called "shark teeth" (he calls them "vampire teeth").  Essentially, his baby teeth aren't falling out before the adult teeth come in.  The adult teeth either push the babies out or there are actually two rows of teeth concurrent in his mouth for a short while.  Bizarre but according to the dentist, not all that rare (10% of kids see this) and not a big deal.  The tooth fairy delivered a golden coin (golden dollar) and paper dollar.

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