Fourth of July at Redtail
July 4, 2013
Another great year Fourth of July at Aunt Margaret's "cabin," Redtail (you can make out the works in the railing to the very right of this picture). Margaret celebrated her 80th birthday a few days before the 4th and looks fabulous and full of life!

Sailing on Lake St. Clair (Brad's Belated Birthday Present)
July 5, 2013
As a belated 42nd birthday present for Brad, I surprise him with a day on Lake St. Clair aboard a 36' Nelson Marek yacht.  We dodged "iffy" morning weather then skies opened up for a beautiful afternoon (not pictured; as soon as the sails went up, I put the camera down).  We sailed down to the Detroit River, past Belle Isle, the Detroit Yacht Club, and right up to the Renaissance Center.  We also passed a group of youth sailors along the way.  Makes me think we should introduce Connor to the water soon!  It was exactly what I had hoped: a day devoid of stress and worry and nothing but open water and fun.  A special thanks to Ken Tanner, Commodore of the Crescent Yacht Club in Grosse Pointe Park for sharing his boat, knowledge, and day with us.

July 18, 2013
Even though it was bitter sweet and we felt very bad about disappointing others involved, we know we made the right decision NOT to sell the house when we saw the "gang" on our lawn playing with Connor's stomprocket.  The decision not to sell had far less to do with economics than with the quality of life we've grown to enjoy here.  Looking out on the lawn and seeing Connor giddy with joy to host all the other neighborhood boys warmed my heart.
Sprayground (Heritage Park Water Park)
July 20, 2013
We stumbled on the Sprayground about a year ago (on a cooler day when we didn't have Connor's swimsuit with us) and remembered to return today.  It was a PERFECT day following a stretch of miserable mid-90s-and-humid weather this week.  Connor had a FABULOUS time (and votes to return every day for the rest of summer).  Mom & dad were happy to find FREE summer fun!  As a note of interest, we got married at theLongacre House within Heritage Park.  Our wedding photos were taken just over the hill . . .
Summer In the City (Downtown Chicago)
July 24, 2013
Connor and I took the train from our apartment to downtown to meet Brad for lunch (at California Pizza).  Then, Connor and I spent time at Grant Park, Millenium Park, and Crown Fountain.  We checked out the Cultural Center (formerly the public library) then picked up Brad from work.  The three of us walked along the river and headed to Navy Pier for rides and dinner at Chango Loco atop the Pier.  It was a GORGEOUS day -- dry and high of 75-ish.  Made the six-mile walk do-able but we were all still exhausted when we eventually arrived home around 9:00.

Blueberry Picking at Hazens
July 27, 2013

Connor and Daniel at the Sprayground
July 29, 2013

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