Thanksgiving Day (Holiday Card Photo)
November 28, 2013
I wanted to take advantage of the fact that a) we were all showered & dressed, and b) it was nice enough weather outside.  A rare combination in late November.  So, we knocked out our Christmas card photo.  I was much less picky this year (last year we took more than 50 frames to get it just right).  "Pefect" can be the enemy of "done" and this year I just wanted it checked off the list.  Cute enough (and much sharper in miniature on the card) just the same :)  Later in the vening, Mr. Wilson sums up pretty much how we all felt after eating a delcious turkey dinner ("Oh, I ate too much . . . !").

Making Pilgrim Cookies
November 26, 2013
We had a great time dipping marshmallows into warm, melted chocolate.  We didn't have enough time to let them dry completely before adding the icing buckle, but we sent Aly home with a half dozen for her family to share.  I had no problem finding two willing helpers at clean-up time, as you might imagine.  Just doing my part to be sure there were enough delicious calories available for the big day . . .

Tiger Scout Space Derby
November 23, 2013
Brad and (mostly) I worked on Connor's Space Derby "R2D2" rocket for HOURS.  (They don't really tell you how much time you're going to put in when you sign up your kids for these things - LOL!)  We had a great time at the derby.  Connor won the raffle (a 2-liter of Faygo red pop), his race, AND best artistic merit for his category (Star Wars).  An all-around big win for the night!  And lots of fun with a gym full of boys!

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