Swimming Lessons
February 5, 2014

Connor continues to love swimming lessons and is coming along in his ability.  Ms. Tracy has been fabulous and we love the Hartland Acquatic Center!


Boy Scout's Community Service Project (Clearing Fire Hydrants)
February 15, 2014

Connor's boy scout den undertook the community service project of shoveling out the fire hydrants.  They gathered at our house then spent about an hour digging.  I stayed home and prepared hot cocoa for their return (smart of me, right).  Then the boys played for about 45 minutes at our house.  It was a great day and it's starting to warm up a bit finally!  Captured a nice shot of the kids working, Connor's crazy face, and Sharon. Good work, everyone!


Animal Magic Mark (Boy Scouts Banquet)
February 28, 2014

A great animal show with Animal Magic Mark at the Boy Scout banquet tonight!


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