Downtown Farmington
July 13, 2014
Brad and Connor came to downtown Farmington to meet me for dinner after a shoot.  We had a gorgeous sunny evening and Connor was a perfect little model.

July 12, 2014
Grandma McCann bought Connor a great Star Wars cookbook.  Connor wants to "cook his way through" the book, checking off each recipe as it's made.  We started with delicious peanut butter cakes with melted chocolate and whipped cream, Panakacakes.  Yum!

Karate Belt Ceremony
July 11, 2014
We're so proud of the work Connor has done to move from white belt to yellow-white.  Ohana has been a great place to instill confidence and character and Connor seems to really have fun.  Hiya!

Swimming Lessons
July 10, 2014
Connor made great progress in swimming this year.  We enjoyed watching him with my cousin, Mitchell McCann.  Last day of lessons, they open the big water slide and let the children play.

Reading on the Couch
July 3, 2014
Caught Connor in a quiet moment reading on his iPad on the couch.  Considering this is where we find him much of the time, I thought we ought to grab a shot.

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