First Karate Lesson
May 5, 2014
We're so excited that Connor has chosen to work toward his black belt (a three-year commitment) at Ohana Karate.  The team seems very supportive and the environment is very positive and inviting.  And bonus!  Ohana is right behind our house!  Excellent considering we'll be driving there twice weekly for the next three years!

Connor's Seventh Birthday Celebration
May 14-17, 2014
We celebrated Connor's seventh birthday with a "Plants v. Zombies" party at the Hartland Acquatic Center again this year.  We had about 40 people total and celebrated with unique potted plant cupcakes.  Connor also got to be "King for a Day" at school and enjoyed donuts and the class singing to him.  He got a new crop of toys including a 3DS and the scooter he wanted.

First Grade Field Trip
May 20, 2014
The class went to Dairy Queen and the library to discuss "consumers & producers."  Frankly, a feable fieldtrip if you ask me, but it wasn't my choice.  Connor enjoyed going behind the counter at Dairy Queen to make his own sundae.  Also, Connor's writing project (an interview with Mrs. Lundin) was featured for quite a long time on the wall in the hallway just before the front office.  So proud of his beautiful work!

Back Yard Camping
May 25, 2014
We've had the tent for a couple of years but just recently bought the third sleeping bag we needed.  The tent is awesome and Connor earned a badge for the exercise!  We had our Star Wars flashlights (Connor had R2D2, Brad had Darth Vader, and I had Yoda) and we enjoyed Cheez Itz and chocolate pudding in the dark!

Marching in the Memorial Day Parade
May 26, 2014
Connor's boy scout pack marched in the Howell Memorial Day Parade.  We marched through the downtown and walked about a mile all the ay to the cemetary for a ceremony.  Crappy pictures becuase I took these with my iPhone (forgot my flash card).  Later that day, we ventured to Farmington Hills and enjoyed the Sprayground, followed by ice cream at Baskin Robins.

Little Patriot
May 26, 2014
Took these couple of shots of Connor in the back yard at sunset on Memorial Day.  LOVE these of my little patriot!

Boy Scout Awards Ceremony
May 30, 2014
Connor and his pack graduated from "Tigers" to "Wolves" and received their beltloops and awards for the activities they completed this year.  The gang celebrated with ice cream bars and a mean game of kickball.  I had arrived home from Chicago no fewer than 45 minutes earlier and went home after the formal ceremony to sleep!  SO proud of Connor for sticking it out and putting in the effort to earn his awards.  He's on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

U.S.S. Silversides
May 31 - June 1, 2014
Members of Connor's den slept aboard the U.S.S. Silversides in Muskegon, MI.  We had a nice tour of the WWII submarine, a bonfire, and a great robotics / mariner's class the next day followed by a trip to Lake Michigain (pictures shown separately).  The boys got a huge kick out of sleeping in a cramped, hot, dank, musty, dusty sub.  Because the ship is a "live, working" ship and there were numerous hazards for the kids, adults had to keep "watch" throughout the night.  I took a 2-hour shift.  Overall, it was pretty fascinating.  Just glad we aren't stuck for 60 days, as the submariners were during active duty (notice the narrow hard beds and the "air conditioning" (the small fan)) -- no thanks).

The sub sank or destroyed 26 and damaged 14 Japanese military and merchant ships during the war and only lost one man.  The cartoon mascot was drawn by Walt Disney himself.  We also learned that as compensation for their particularly difficult duty, submariners were lured by extra good food (steak and lobster) and slightly better pay.

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