Karate Belt Ceremony & Picnic
October 5, 2014
We're so proud of the work Connor is doing in karate.  We all gathered at Howell City Park on what was a very cold day for a belt promotion ceremony and picnic.

MSU Horticultural Gardens / Second Grade Class Fieldtrip
October 9, 2014
I chaperoned Connor's second grade class to the MSU Horitcultural Gardens on a beautiful fall day.  Initially, I thought there could never be enough to fill five hours of time with the kids, but we were quite busy and the visit was really fun!  We identified (and ate) edible plants, made a bean necklace, tasted honey, played with jumping beans, made a leaf journal (with white birch, oak, and apple tree leaves), and received and a potted plant. Everyone slept on the bus back to school after a full day of outdoor activity.  (A small note:  I didn't notice this until I saw it in the image but the American flag in the blue and pink house in the first shot below is upside down . . . strange.)

Connor in the Red Sweater
October 17-18, 2014
Love these warm, soft images of my sweet boy in our back yard.  Fall foliage colors . . . one of the best parts of living in Michigan.

Mustache Day
October 24, 2014
We purchased Connor's t-shirt in August specifically for Moustache Day at school.  For $1, the kids get to wear a moustache (of any sort) to school.  A cool fundraiser.  Connor chose the "handlebar" moustache from the ideas on the t-shirt.  We scoot to and from the bus most mornings.  Today was a beautiful day!

Legend of Sleepy Howell
October 25, 2014
As we've done every year, we ventured downtown Howell for the annual Halloween festival.  Fun times as always.  We proceeded to the haunted forest at Camp Munhake (boy scout camp) for a haunted hunt.

October 31, 2014
Connor chose "Pacman" as our family theme this year. We had a nice party at school followed by trick-or-treating in cold, wet weather (for the second year in a row -- boo).  Photographed the house at the beginning of the sub who built an elaborate haunted house set.  They sold the whole set for only $100!

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