First Day of Second Grade
September 2, 2014

The "Requisites" . . . first day of second grade.  We had the same overcast, muggy day as every other first day so far.  Connor was in HIGH SPIRITS this morning, dressed and ready to roll at 7:30.  We scooted our way to school.  It was great seeing familiar faces and we're VERY excited for his teacher this year (redemption).  Can you pick out the images that should be entitled "Nervous Seven-Year-Old Boy Energ?" LOL!


Spicer's Cider Mill
September 27, 2014

Our annual trip to Spicer's cider mill and orchards.  As with every year, we make the "tour" through the play area, a hay ride through the orchards, forest, and pumpkin field, and the store.  Always a fun day . . .


Selling Boy Scout Popcorn at Jonna's
September 28, 2014

We spent quite a bit of time this fall selling boyscout popcorn, both at local retailers such as Jonna's Market and Tractor Supply as well as door-to-door.  I'm so proud of Connor for this tremendous effort and achievement.  Good life lessons and LOTS of prizes to come.


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