Washington, D.C.
December 29 - January 1, 2015/6

Christmas 2015
December 24 - 25, 2015
We had a great Christmas celebration this year. Connor thoroughly enjoyed Grandma & Grandpa's new cat, Charlie (as in Chaplin), and Connor's Christmas wishes came true . . . a new MacBook computer! Love the expression of him opening the final (and best) gift!

In the Weeds
December 4, 2015

Boy Scout Visit to State Police
December 3, 2015
We had a great visit to the Brighton State Police post with the scouts. We toured the station, including the gun safe (a huge closet!), the jail cells, and saw the SUV cruiser in action. The boys had great questions for the office (does he have a tazer? does he have a bomb shelter? etc.). One of the more interesting outings even for the adults, I must admit!


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