Framing Day!
March 27, 2017
Today was a very big day for us.  We closed on our home of 12 years and the framing of our new home began.  Many mixed emotions.

Last Bus Ride
March 24, 2017
So many memories of this bus stop and bus rides.  We have arrived at this bus stop at 8:30 for the last five school years.  Today he took his last ride.  Next week is Spring Break and we're moving out of the house into the apartment next weekend.  He'll be a "pick up" for the rest of the school year while the new house is completed.  So many good times and good friends made at the bus stop.  A new chapter begins . . .

Fourth Grade Musical
March 22, 2017
Give my regards to Broadway! 

Framed Up Next Door
March 21, 2017
We're excited for our next door neighbors to have their house almost framed (in part because it means we're next!).  Captured some of the attic going on this morning . . . super excited for us all!

Paddington Bear Coat
March 18, 2017
Connor's favorite movie is Paddington Bear and we found a perfect "Paddington" pea coat at Janie & Jack, complete with "wooden buttons for ease of paw and two sandwich compartments."  Plus, I'm getting every possible photo shoot out of his adorable J&J Fair Isle sweater and hat ensemble.  We awoke on our second to last weekend in the house to a beautiful winter wonderland.  Connor and I went out back to throw snowballs and walk down to the pond.  I'm really going to miss this place . . .

Howdie, Neighbor!
March 15 & 16, 2017
We're excited to get to know our new next door neighbors.  The build of their house is typically one or two days ahead of ours.  Progress for them is a "preview of upcoming attractions" of sorts for us.  Not much happening for us in the last two days, but big stuff next door.  Basement support and trusses, subfloor, and the very first exterior walls went up!  Woot!  Counting down the days . . .

Fourth Grade Field Trip to the Capitol & Michigan Historical Museum
March 14, 2017
I chaperoned Connor's fourth grade class to the Capitol building and to the Michigan Historical Museum both in Lansing.  Marcia Gebarowski and I rode together and watched after six kids together.  We had a fun day visiting the Capitol, watching the state senate in action, and learning about our state at the museum.

Basement Complete & Garage Footer Poured
March 9, 2017
The basement walls are poured and cured.  Today, they set the garage footer.  Also, the framing lumber and iron supports have arrived!  We lost power due to the wind storm yesterday, so Connor didn't have school.  We stopped by the new house to kill time on our way to spend the night at a hotel.  Connor thought it was pretty cool to watch the guy mix and pour a batch of mortar.  We stood on the gravel-filled porch and pretended to ring the door bell.  Connor climbed the dirt mound and wanted to jump into the basement, though I told him not a good idea yet.  A good day . . .

A Trip to the Symphony
March 5, 2017
A very nice trip to the DSO childrens' concert, "Tchaikovsky Comes to America".  We enjoyed the performance and a wonderful lunch at Detroit's Ottava Via with Mara and Samantha as well as Joia and Lourdes.


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