October 31, 2017

Halloween at Walnut Creek
October 29, 2017
A fun Halloween event at Walnut Creek!  We enjoyed a costume brunch with a magic show, balloon artist, and terrific food.  The decor was first-rate and we had a great time.  We (the puppies) even ran into Cruella DeVille!



October 25, 2017
Beautiful Tanglewood Golf Community.

Braces Off
October 16, 2017
Connor got his braces off today!  A little swelling but overall looking great!

Banana Nut Bread
October 14, 2017
Today was a cold, dreary day . . . a perfect day for staying indoors (in pajamas no less!), baking, and simmering soup on the stove.  I stepped out for a brief moment to photograph my new hydrangeas (love!) and landscaping, because foliage looks awesome in the rain.  Connor helped quite a bit with the bread.  He did many of the steps on his own.  We toasted the pecans, folded in a whole cup of chocolate chips, and even drizzled on a bit of real maple syrup at the end (because maple syrup is a fall flavor . . . ).  We had our trustly little guy, Grendel, at the ready for floor cleanup (not enough to clean, in his opinion).  An overall relaxing and rejeuvinating day!

A Trip to Three Cedars
October 1, 2017
We had a gorgeous day at Three Cedars cider mill and farm. Hay rides, corn maze, pumpkin patch, new friends (Larry the dog and his family), the general store, and of course, cider and donuts.  It was nice weather so VERY BUSY.  The best part is that we're now only about 5 miles from the farm from the new house.  We miss visiting Spicer's Farm in Fenton, our old stop from the old house, but Three Cedars is one of our all-time favorites as well.

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