September 13, 2017
Landscaping and sod!  Yay!

September 7, 2017
Sod arrives.  No more Mr. Mud Muffin every time he goes outside.

First Day of Fifth Grade at Hardy Elementary
September 5, 2017
The first day of fifth grade at the new school was a big day for us all.  Very excited (and nervous!) to meet Connor's new teacher, Mr. Hammill, and his new classmates!  We also miss Mr. Wilson's signature photobombs.  We no longer have him with us or clear sidelights on either side of the front door.  So many changes, but we're happy to make new traditions in the new house with our new life.

Labor Day
September 4, 2017
On the last day of summer, we walked to the stream near the pond and photographed Connor and Grendel on the golf course.  Love these two! XO

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