Connor's 11th Birthday Pool Party at Walnut Creek
We had a fabulous 11th birthday "kids / friends" celebration today at Walnut Creek. The weather was perfect (hot and dry) for a patio lunch of pizza / fruit / salad (with no shortage of daiquiris & mojitos) and swimming. Connor performed "Happy Birthday" on his guitar. We all got blue cake icing stain on every conceivable surface. The cake was an "epic fail" twice over but the wonderful staff at Walnut Creek rescued us. Connor received an entire armory of Nerf guns. Love my not-so-little boy.

Grendel Posing on the Couch
May 16, 2018
Perfect pose.  XO

Connor's 11th Birthday Party (& Mother's Day)
May 13, 2018
What a nice birthday celebration ("slash" Mother's Day "slash" Keith's belated birthday, "slash" Mom's upcoming birthday).  Connor received a new bike, Nerf gun, plushies, and money.  Kid birthday pool party at Walnut Creek on May 27.
Duck Families on the Pond
May 13, 2018
There are THREE new duck families living on the pond next to our house.  I took a few minutes to photograph a few "family portraits."  Super cute . . .

Cinco de Mayo
May 5, 2018
Cinco de Mayo party at Tanglewood Clubhouse.  Connor "broke the mold" on the pinata!

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